Monday, October 26, 2009

Salem Report: 2009

"I love Salem in October, it's like Days of the Dead meets Mardi-Gras."

Morticia and I did our yearly jaunt to Salem MA yesterday, it was great to see Matt and Mara (proprietors of as well as artist Nick Demakes and his cephalopod (lol!)girlfriend Christina. Fun group, I wish we lived closer.

In addition dropping off a bunch of prints and artwork to The Fool's Mansion, we also picked up a brand new vender in Salem, "Life & Death, Oddities and Curios Shop" they sell Absinthe supplies, Post Mortem items (funerary, not US) and "Dreadful rarities". A shop not to be missed in you are cruising around Salem looking for a memorable experience!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mesage From Universal Management

Due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control,
tomorrow has been cancelled.
In an attempt to compensate, today has been moved
to "Never Ending" status.
We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.