Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can't Beat the Drums...

I am a terrible Blogger, I realize that...

Native American Drum-making Master Paul Feuse (a.k.a Buffalo Wolf) , and I are collaborating on an ongoing series of ceremonial drums that will be available to the public. Paul was taught the skill of drum-making by his Grandfather, many years ago, in the authentic Traditional Native way. He skins his own hides using all-natural eco-friendly methods & substances (I loathe to even call them "chemicals"), honoring the Old Ways for a time-honored quality that is almost unique in todays "mass produced" world.

Paul puts much of his Spirit into the things he makes, and up until recently, made drums other items exclusively as gifts or for special Ceremonial Occasions.

He says he has seen that I put such Spirit into my artwork, and has chosen me to paint images on his drums, and I consider myself honored.

3 have been completed so far, pictures will be posted as soon as available.