Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strange Maine

There's a reason why people such as Rick Hautala, Glenn Chadbourne and Steven King are all from Maine... Maine is a strange place.

There's even a convenient place where maine's Stangeness is Chronicled The Strange Maine Gazette, and the Strange Maine Blog.
Freaks. Weirdos. Unmapped roads. Whispering rocks. Deadening fog. Ghost pirates. Lonely islands. THINGS in the WOODS. A place where the 4 seasons really know how to live. Maine: the way life should be! This site is a nexus for conversation about Maine's unique strangeness, people who love it, people who have experienced it, & people who are intrigued by it. History, mysteries, legends, current events, cryptozoology, & more.

The Strange Maine Blog is chock-full of Interesting and Bizzarre tales, updated several times DAILY. You'll never be bored reading this...

And for fellow suckers for the Printed Page, there's the Strange Maine Gazette, the latest issue has Maine Bigfoot sightings!
Where you can find copies of the SMG:
Arabica Coffee, Portland
Portland Public Library
Strange Maine, Portland
Maine Historical Library, Portland
Little Dog Coffee, Brunswick
Treasure Chest, Waterville
Cafe Bon Bon, Lewiston
Mr. Paperback, Ellsworth
Mr. Paperback, Dover-Foxcroft
Mr. Paperback, Caribou
OR get a subscription! 4 issues a year for $5... (5$!!!! what a deal!!)
Please mail payment to Michelle Souliere, P.O. Box 8203, Portland ME 04104

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ray Lewis Staying a Raven

With a great sigh of relief, I'm happy to know that Ray Lewis WILL be staying with the Baltimore Ravens. (for more on that, read here) I've been a big fan of the Ravens, and specifically a big fan of Lewis, for 13 years now. (The Wife's an Ed Reed fan, I certainly can't knock her for that.) If Lewis' recent free-agent status had resulted in him on the field playing against the Ravens, the resulting confusion would undoubtedly have caused my head to explode...