Monday, December 31, 2007


I always get excited about the end of a year, and the start of a new. 2007 was a very good year for me (by my accounts) and 2008 looks promising.


Started an odd niche of painting on Native American Ceremonial Drums (I'm on my 5th one now)

Began on the road to what I hope to be a Business Degree (3.0 so far)

My first Horror-Find Weekend Art Show

Cryptopedia came out (w/my work in it)

Necon happened (always something to celebrate!)

The Terror Fantasy Art show

Postmortem Prod. had a strong year...


I have a class starting on Jan. 9th about writing Comic books (more in it's own entry)

A SLEW of New Designs for Postmortem Productions chomping at the bit to be released

Necon is happening again! (I just wanted to say that...)

Those are the CONFIRMED hapenings, I don't want to mention other things that look good and likely, but not definate. 2008 here we come!

Friday, December 21, 2007


The Terror Fantasies Art Show is over, it was a rousing success. It appears "Nacht der Geist" (one of my most popular pieces) was a big hit. I sold the Original, and completely sold out of prints. I have one picture from the show, I need to resize it before I can post it.

The semester ended on the Business Class I was taking, I just got my grade, (3.0) I'll take it. Checkmark step one to getting my business degree. I think I scored extra points from the instructor by making a sale during my end of term presentation. (hehe!)

I just embarked on Native American Drum painting #5. This one is commisioned, as opposed to making it and selling it as previously. The painting will be a Siberian Husky dog, with a Polar Bear in there somewhere. I have ideas, but it's not completely worked out yet.

That's all for now, I PROMISE to be better about keeping this thing updated. I just need to stop wasting time argueing on other sites/blogs with morons...